Why choose Margherita Vellini's modern lamps?

Original cuts, elegant compositions, qualitative materials and finishes:  table lamps and pendant lamps by Margherita Vellini are object with great design and strong decorative value — unique pieces of art distant from the usual models of the lighting industry.

True ceramic sculptures, entirely hand-crafted in Italy. Technique and aesthetics blend together in these modern lamps, created to last through time, refined during years of research and experiments.

Currently there are two main types of ceramic lamps in production, each with their own distinct destinations: table lamps and pendant lamps.

Being a completely artisanal production, all the models from both categories are customisable according to various parameters (sizes, colours, and cuts). All the lamps are signed with a decalcomania. The lamps do not feature a serial number: since every lamp is cut by hand, they are intrinsically unique and unrepeatable. 


Sphere lamps BUCHINI precious metal platinum 15%  Margherita Vellini ceramics handmade in Italy. Home Lighting Design


Hanging lamps BLOB shiny white  glaze. Margherita Vellini Italian handmade ceramics. Home Lighting Design


Sphere lamps SPIRALI precious metal Platinum 15% Margherita Vellini Italian handmade ceramics. Home Lighting Design